At the beginning of the game, you are given a weak pet. Enemies drop eggs, with better ones dropping eggs less and less often. These will hatch after a certain amount of time. Each pet gains more HP than you per level but takes more damage from creatures and deals less damage. If a creature has a special ability, the pet also gains that ability.

Pet Starting LevelEdit

Pets all start at different levels depending on the pet:

Ogre Lord 12 Ogre Skeletal Warrior 11 Lava Elemental Skeleton Ice Elemental Frost Scorpion Viper 9 Female Mutant 8 Black Beetle Swamp Mutant Venom Snake 4 Scorpion 3 Grass Beetle 3 Sand Snake 2 Sand Beetle 1 First Pet 1 Pet Starting Level

Time To HatchEdit

Each pet takes a different amount of time to hatch.

Ogre Lord Ogre 210 Skeletal Warrior Lava Elemental Skeleton 190 Ice Elemental 170 Frost Scorpion 160 Viper 150 Female Mutant Black Beetle 120 Swamp Mutant 110 Wild Scorpion 90 Venom Snake 80 Scorpion 60 Grass Beetle 50 Sand Snake 40 Sand Beetle 20 Pet Time (Minutes)

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