At the beginning of the game, the player receives the default pet. Throughout the game, enemies have a chance of dropping an egg which can be brought to the hatchery in the pet shelter in town. After a certain time dependent on the type of creature hatching, the player can name and add the pet to their three available pets.

Pets receive the same amount of experience points the player does while they are with the player. As a pet levels up they get better stats, although the only one the player can directly see is their HP. Different pets get different stat benefits from leveling up. Pets also generally have the same attributes or abilities as the creatures they come from. For example, a pet snake can poison enemies, and a pet frost scorpion can freeze enemies.

Pet Type Starting Level Hatching Time


Special Effects
Ogre Lord 12
Ogre 210
Skeletal Warrior 11
Lava Elemental
Skeleton 190
Ice Elemental 170 freeze
Frost Scorpion 160 freeze
Viper 9 150 poison
Female Mutant 7-8 130
Black Beetle 120
Swamp Mutant 110 poison
Wild Scorpion 90 poison
Venom Snake 4 80 poison
Scorpion 3 60 poison
Grass Beetle 3 50
Sand Snake 2 40 poison
Sand Beetle 1 20 none