Castaway Village is where you can rest, buy and sell items, save your progress, grow pets, and get quests.
Castaway Town
The Village has a few buildings:


When you first go to castaway village, the stranger says: "Thanks again for your help out there. I am the village elder, Malaki. Welcome to Castaway."

You reply: "What is this place?"

Malaki says: "Our village is the only inhabited place on this island. However, recently there have been swarms of monsters all over the place. They destroyed our buildings and I am afraid that we won't be able to hold them off much longer. I have no idea how you got here, but while you are here, we could really use your help."

You reply: "Sure. I guess it will give me a good chance to learn more about this strange place."

Malaki replies: "Great! This island has several ancient elemental generators that help control everything. These provide us with water, earth, wind, spirit, cold and heat. Unfortunately, the monsters have invaded and taken control of the generators. We need someone to go to these dangerous areas and reactivate the generators so we can begin rebuilding our village. I suggest you head over to the Traveler's Den first so you can save your progress before we begin."

He then dissapears and you are now alone. You can go to any of the buildings but you can't go to castaway beach until you go the Traveler's Den first. When you click the Traveler's Den he appears again. He says: "Here you can save your progress, as well as rest to recover you and your pet's health. To show my appreciation, I will allow you to stay here free of charge for a short while. Now rest up, save your game, and head over to the Mercenary Guild where myself and others post mission's and tasks we need help with. Your journey begins here. Good luck!" Malaki then dissapears.