The Blacksmith is a building in Castaway Village that sells swords, shields, helmets, and trinkets. It will also but things from you. Store description: "Welcome to the Black Smith's Shop. Feel free to browse our wide selection of Weapons, Armor, Shield, and Accessories or allow us to purchase your unwanted goods.

What they SellEdit

Item Type Level Price (Gold)
Leather Armor Armor 3 200
Rusted Gladius Sword 4 250
Targe Shield Shield 5 300
Light Armor Armor 7 400
Soldier's Guard Shield 9 600
Iron Spatha Sword 10 1000
Warrior Armor Armor 11 800
Kite Shield Shield 12 850
Ring of Might Trinket 12 2500
Arcane Pin Trinket 12 2500
Executioner's Sword Sword 14 1500
Fortune Medallion Trinket 14 2000
Knight Armor Armor 15 1500
Legionnaire Shield Shield 15 1400
Spring Boots Trinket 16 3000
Paladin Shield Shield 18 2200
Beserker Armor Armor 20 3000
Giant Cleaver Sword 21 4000
Iron Maiden Shield 22 4400

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